Fashion (clash of prints)



Being a timeless trend, prints are perfect for the winter/spring transition. To match or clash is the crucial question when it comes to experimenting with prints. Geometric, floral, animal; it doesn’t matter which style you choose, prints are always a joy to play with and use to create a new, unique look – however daring you want to be! Slimmy is here to get you started:

For first timers, choose an understated piece such as these baroque inspired cigarette trousers, keeping it simple with a black basic top. Add a statement shoe to make your outfit really pop.
Not so new to prints? Why not try a beautiful floral shirt matched with slim fitted trousers in hues from the same colour palette.
If you are feeling brave, take inspiration from some of this pictures. Our favourite look is these cropped leopard print trousers paired with a graphic monochrome blouse. Keep accessories to a minimum – duelling loud prints makes a statement on its own!
The print trend need not be difficult to master, and the end result really is sensational!







I actually didn’t believe this, until i saw it myself and i said to myself “No way”
Because how can a whole senator even think of these talk less of coming out public to say it to people. This is so outrageous we all need to stand on our feet and fight against MOLESTATION
Remember we are all futures of this nation
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Let’s all protect our daughter, sister and nation

Fight! Fight!! Fight!!!

Forbes’ 2013 list of highest earning US celebrities under 30


Forbes yesterday released their annual ‘list of top-earning celebrities under 30’ and Lady Gaga topped the list. Forbes calculated their earnings between June 2012 and June 2013. See the top 10 below…

1. Lady Gaga (age 27) $80 million
2. Justin Bieber (age 19) $58 million
3. Taylor Swift (age 23) $55 million
4. Calvin Harris (age 29) $46 million
5.Rihanna (age 25) $43 million
6. Katy Perry (age 28) $39 million
7. Jennifer Lawrence (age 22) $26 million
8. Adele (age 25) $25 million
9. Kristen Stewart (age 23) $22 million
10.Taylor Lautner (age 21) $22 million

Skin Beauty Tips


Do this during the day:
Use sunscreen and antioxidants. Applying sunscreen is as essential as brushing your teeth — summer or winter, rain or shine, 365 days a year. “If you’re stepping out the door, this is the absolute most important thing you can do to keep from looking older and to protect yourself against skin cancer,” Dover says, However, SPF alone isn’t enough. Recent studies have shown that topical antioxidants, the gold medalists of anti-agers, enhance the efficacy of sunscreen. There are tons of antioxidants out there (and new ones touted daily!), including vitamins C and E, coffeeberry, green tea, and fruits such as acai, blueberries, and pomegranate. (And yes, you can eat your fill, too�though applying them topically offers the most immediate benefit for skin.)
Wear sunglasses. Less squinting equals fewer fine lines and crow’s-feet (and less risk of cataracts, too). Choose a pair with 99 percent UVA and UVB protection, and use them all year long. Remember, snow reflects 80 percent of UV rays, nearly doubling overall exposure.
Exfoliate selectively. Do it — but don’t overdo it. Exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells, smooths fine lines, and improves skin texture and tone. But FDA studies have shown that overusing chemical exfoliants, such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) found in glycolic or lactic acids, increases sensitivity to UV rays. Limit chemical exfoliants to twice a week. For manual exfoliation, try a gentle microbead scrub.
Feed your face. Good skin care starts from the inside out. Eat healthfully: Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and walnuts fight wrinkle-causing inflammation; citrus fruits and spinach enhance collagen production; and lycopene, found in tomatoes and pink grapefruit, protects against sun damage. What to avoid? Sugar. Heightened levels in the bloodstream cause a process called glycation — one of the principal causes of cellular aging (and wrinkles).
Stress less. Easier said than done, we know, but stress not only affects your sanity — it affects your face. I found out that chronic stress affects your body at the cellular level, speeding deterioration. And frowns and knitted brows cause creases all their own. So take up yoga or try deep breathing exercises, and at least an hour before bedtime, hit the “off” switch on everything that has one. Your epidermis will thank you.

Beauty Tips


Surprise! Concealer is only half the battle when it comes to fixing flaws. To perfect your complexion (no matter what your skin tone), try lipstick in a warm pink. “It distracts people’s eyes from blemishes and other imperfections,” And remember that you should never wear just anyhow make to just anyhow event…

Pregnant former Olympian suddenly collapses and dies in restaurant

Heavily pregnant former Olympian, 26 year old Meskerem Legesse, suddenly collapsed and died while having lunch with her two year old son in a restaurant in Connecticut on Monday July 15th.

The Ethiopia runner, who was three weeks from her due date (pictured above minutes before collapsing) was given CPR at the restaurant before an ambulance rushed her to a hospital where she was declared dead. Fortunately the doctors were able to save her baby.

The cause of death was unclear but her friend told reporters that the professional runner had suffered heart problems in the past and that’s why she retired early from sports. So sad! RIP, Meskerem! 

 Courtsey Linda Ikeji